Cottrell CX-5304

The Cottrell CX-5304 is a high mount product that can be utilized to meet the demand of special hauls. This product also offers an opportunity to break into the industry with limited exposure and experience while maintaining maximum load efficiencies.

Cottrell CX-5307XLS

The Cottrell CX-5307XLS is a duplicated version of the popular EZ-5307XL. This 7-car high 5th wheel trailer has integrated soft tie ratchets, a hydraulic screw belly position and a split front upper position that slides.

Cottrell CX-5308LT 

The Cottrell CX-5308LT is a lighter, simplified version of our popular CX-5308. Although Cottrell removed 2 stacking positions on the top decks, the trailer still allows for a 5th wheel loading position to maintain an 8-car capacity.

Cottrell CX-5308 

Cottrell's CX-5308, maximizes load potential in a 53 ft high 5th wheel design. The stacking features allow for extra flexibility and the soft tie downs are easily accessed from ground level.

Cottrell EZ-4807 

The Cottrell EZ-4807 Hi-Mount trailer is a price leader. If you are tired of your 4-car carrier and want to step up your capacity, this may be the perfect trailer for you. The EZ-4807 has the durability and load ability to make the step up into more capacity a pleasant transition.

Cottrell EZ-5307XL 

The Cottrell EZ-5307 has over 9 years of on-the-road experience, is built to last, and often referred to as "bullet proof". Primarily ordered with two new hydraulic options, the Belly Drop (X) and Front Tilt (L), Cottrell's Hi Pro Series EZ-5307 is great for startup companies or as supplemental equipment for larger, established fleets.

Cottrell C-4808 

The Cottrell C-4808 is a 48 ft "C" series Hi-Mount trailer, designed to meet the demand of our more sophisticated Hi-Mount customers. With two independent top decks and a hinged rear position, the C-4808 requires the expertise known by many of today's car hauling veterans.

Cottrell C-5309 

The Cottrell C-5309 is one of Cottrell’s most popular Hi-Mount trailers. There are nine loading positions on this trailer maximizing payload ability and utilizing stacking capabilities.