Cottrell's HiPro Series offers a complete line of high mount / fifth wheel trailers with chain or soft tie down assemblies.

Cottrell's HiPro Series offers load capacity from three (3) to nine (9) automobiles.Choose from 

Cottrell's C (chain), (CX strap) or EZ quick loader trailers to determine the right trailer for you.


Cottrell is excited to introduce our new 80’ FA (Fast Act) Series. This new series will encompass more technology, increased use of CNC machinery, and still contain Cottrell’s traditional land marked features found in our other models. The 80’ FA units will continue to have the ergonomic soft tie positive quick release ratchets that can be amplified by the new QuixSpinz® technology.


Cottrell's NextGen soft tie down system is the latest in automobile transportation technology that meets the requirements of all new vehicle manufactures including General Motors and Toyota.

Cottrell's NextGen Series offers a complete line of head racks and trailers which feature enhanced load capabilities and better weight efficiency utilizing wheel strap tie downs.


Cottrell's Classic Series is comprised of their legendary chain tie down, mutltiple car head racks as well as, low-side and high-side stinger trailers.

Choose from the popular EZ3-Car head rack and EZ-7509X trailer combination to the versatility of multiple car head racks and independent decks of the C-7510ST low side trailer or the C-10LTA/B high side trailers.